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Friday, 11 January 2008

Adventures in Hi Fi

Rock of Ages fan, Asterix knocks one out after reading this link, The Death of High Fidelity and let fly...


This is what I've been saying for a little while now. It's the whole convenience thing against the quality. The public in general are prepared to sacrifice the quality for the convenience and portability of an MP3 against a CD or LP, which is especially great when travelling.

I would be very surprised though if you asked the average punter and they actually even knew that MP3's are poorer quality than a CD, I would assume that most of them would think they are at least equal, if not better. I saw a programme on TV a while back where they got a few people and and put a variety of MP3 players in front of them to choose from. Almost all of them chose the MP3 player that looked the best rather than based on any of the features of the product.

I know I'm in the minority amongst the masses here but I really do think it's a shame about the state of the music industry, there's just so much available now and for free that it's no longer special anymore. I also am aware that I have an MP3 player and I'm not trying to be all high and mighty as I do think they are great for the convenience factor that I've already mentioned but I still love putting on an old LP (or CD for that matter) and listening to them through a decent stereo, you simply can't beat it.

As for Pro Tools, again I've been saying this for a long time as well, things are too perfect with it and humans aren't perfect and that's what makes music interesting - the hovering around a beat when a track is recorded live in the studio; the odd mistake that you no longer hear in recordings because they are simply cut and pasted over, etc etc it all becomes so mechanical and sterile.

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