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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Smashing Pumkins to Tour NZ

From Stuff:
Reformed alternative rock act Smashing Pumpkins have joined forces with Queens of the Stone Age for a three-date New Zealand tour in March.
The bands will play Wellington's TSB Arena on March 20, Auckland's Vector Arena on March 22 and Christchurch's Westpac Arena on March 24.

Both acts will head to Australia after their New Zealand tour to perform four dates at the V Festival.
Billy Corgan reformed the Pumpkins in 2006, but only he and drummer Jimmy Chamberlain are original members from the classic line-up that released landmark albums Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.
They released a new album, Zeitgeist, in June last year, to mixed reviews.
The Pumpkins last toured New Zealand in 1996, but Billy Corgan performed a solo show at the St James in Auckland in 2005.
The Queens of the Stone Age, fronted by Josh Homme, performed in New Zealand in 2003 at the Big Day Out. Their last album was 2007's critically acclaimed Eva Vulgaris.
Tickets for the shows go on sale on February 11.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Final Homegrown Acts Announced

Is this all we've got? Shihad and the Feelers? I'm also wonder just how 'internationally renowned' DJ Recloose actually is. All those top 10 hits, I'm sure.


On April 26 the Wellington Waterfront will host Vodafone Homegrown with the most impressive line-up of Kiwi music you'll see in 2008.
Set across 5 stages along the waterfront, New Zealand's premier bands and DJ's will be rocking the Capital from 1pm to 11pm.

See homegrown.net.nz for more details
The final 16 acts have been confirmed for Vodafone Homegrown topping off arguably the strongest line-up of Kiwi bands and DJ's ever seen. Set on the Wellington Waterfront the inaugural Vodafone Homegrown festival features 5 stages packed with our finest homegrown music and with so much talent on show it won't be easy deciding which acts to watch.

The two side by side Jim Beam rock stages boast a who's who of kiwi rock including Shihad, Pluto, Kora, The Feelers, Op Shop, Elemeno- P, The Valves, Goodnight Nurse and Autozamm. With Shihad's new album due out in early April, it's looking like it will be one hell-of-a homecoming and album release party for the locals!

The heavyweight Cadbury Moro Dub and Roots line-up features legends Salmonella Dub, The Black Seeds, Tiki, Cornerstone Roots, Mike Fabulous, Little Bushman and the luscious Ladi6.

On the Indie Stage, The Mint Chicks, The Checks, Motocade and eclectic Wellington 6-piece The Phoenix Foundation are joined by So So Modern, The Rabble and The Coshercot Honeys.

The Samsung Electronic Stage line-up of Concord Dawn, Minuit, Dick Johnson and Tim Phin has been boosted with Wellington's DJ Takas, internationally renowned DJ Recloose pairing up with hip hop MC Tyna and high energy funk/jungle/reggae crowd favourites Sunshine Sound System.

In addition to the music there will be a national 3 on 3 break dancing competition and an assortment of peripheral entertainment, interactive activities, art installations and street performers.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Bon Jovi Christchurch Concert Setlist

Not a bad setlist I reckon - Captain Crash seems an unlikley song to play but some real classics there... encore seems a lil odd but I bet it went off.
Got it from the offical website
BLAZE w/ Knockin On Heaven's Door


Check out Bon Jovi's This House is not For Sale' album lyrics

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Bon Jovi Christchurch gig review

From Stuff You will gringe at the last line.


Bon Jovi put the church into Christchurch last night and there's no doubt they were preaching to the converted – 30,000 fans from around the nation turned up to revisit the '80s.

Local rockers The Valves performed a blistering opening set, including Mile High – a song written by one of the group's 80-year-old mother – which saw guitarist Marc Royal and lead singer Brent Mulligan (aka Brent Black), take to the drums with a vengeance.

My media pass – an A4-sized picture of a dashboard Jesus – signalled what was to come.

Evangelical front man Jon Bon Jovi, wearing more leather than a cow and sporting a jacket emblazoned with the title of the latest album, Lost Highway, with bandmates including guitarist Richie Sambora, revved the crowd into a frenzy from the opening mournful, soft rocking strains of the new album's title track.

The American rockers blasted through anthem after stadium-rockin' anthem from their extensive back catalogue, including hits such as Bad Medicine, Livin' on a Prayer, Keep The Faith, Wanted Dead or Alive, Blaze Of Glory, It's My Life, You Give Love a Bad Name and the country-tinged Who Says You Can't Go Home.

Newer songs from Lost Highway were interspersed throughout the set-list and got a warm response from the crowd.

I've never seen so much fake leopardskin in one place at one time and the audience, which veered between screaming 35-plus-year-olds reliving the '80s and their teen offspring, lapped it up like religious zealots.

Bon Jovi said they had come a long way to hear Christchurch scream and they were well rewarded.

Considering Bon Jovi's longevity – they've sold more than 100 million albums – and have had an endless stream of Top 20 hits in their 25 years in the business, I was surprised to hear so many covers woven into their own songs – including Shout, Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Dancin' In the Street – but the crowd loved it, particularly the front section, ecstatically sporting well-mannered signs that said things like: Bon Jovi We Salute You.

Guitarist Sambora also took to the mic, performing I'll Be There For You, off New Jersey, and was brilliant.

When Jon Bon Jovi returned for the encore wearing a Crusaders jersey the stadium erupted as it does at the sight of such a jersey. On a steel horse he rides and Bon Jovi certainly went out in a blaze of glory.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Just like every cowboy sings a sad sad song...

Poison joins list of rockers for Wellington concert. From Stuff.co.nz

Poison are best known for their 80's album 'Open Up and Say Ahh' Rock band Poison will join a list of aging rockers set to crank up the volume in Wellington during a two-day concert over Easter.

The three other headliners at the ROCK2WGTN show are Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper.

The retro bands, who leapt to stardom in the 1970s and 80s, will play Westpac Stadium over the long weekend, on March 22 and 23.
Poison, known for hits Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Nothin' But a Good Time and Unskinny Bop, will have original members, Bret Michaels, C.C. DeVille, Bobby Dall and Rikki Rockett reunite for the tour.

I say: Show me the unkinny bop!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Mad fer it?

I can’t decide what’s better. The first or outro solo in Live Forever ?

Oasis Lovers Discuss. Haters may go listen to Gorillaz.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Adventures in Hi Fi

Rock of Ages fan, Asterix knocks one out after reading this link, The Death of High Fidelity and let fly...


This is what I've been saying for a little while now. It's the whole convenience thing against the quality. The public in general are prepared to sacrifice the quality for the convenience and portability of an MP3 against a CD or LP, which is especially great when travelling.

I would be very surprised though if you asked the average punter and they actually even knew that MP3's are poorer quality than a CD, I would assume that most of them would think they are at least equal, if not better. I saw a programme on TV a while back where they got a few people and and put a variety of MP3 players in front of them to choose from. Almost all of them chose the MP3 player that looked the best rather than based on any of the features of the product.

I know I'm in the minority amongst the masses here but I really do think it's a shame about the state of the music industry, there's just so much available now and for free that it's no longer special anymore. I also am aware that I have an MP3 player and I'm not trying to be all high and mighty as I do think they are great for the convenience factor that I've already mentioned but I still love putting on an old LP (or CD for that matter) and listening to them through a decent stereo, you simply can't beat it.

As for Pro Tools, again I've been saying this for a long time as well, things are too perfect with it and humans aren't perfect and that's what makes music interesting - the hovering around a beat when a track is recorded live in the studio; the odd mistake that you no longer hear in recordings because they are simply cut and pasted over, etc etc it all becomes so mechanical and sterile.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Is it a G?

I bet you a dollar Marty O'Donnell has Appetite for Destruction in his vinyl collection....

Has any one noticed that the first single note (or chord?) of Halo 3's main theme song 'Finish the Fight' is very similar to the first note (chord) of the Guns N Roses epic, 'November Rain' ?

I'm just saying.

PS Its my Birthday and I got given Slash's Biography. You people know me so well...

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