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Friday, 9 November 2007

Three Axl Rose Albums to be released?

The skinny man is probably all bluster about the trilogy but there is no doubt Axl Rose has recorded a tonne of material....


From Stuff

A friend of Guns N' Roses' front man Axl Rose claims the wayward singer plans to release a trilogy of albums by 2012.

Former Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach, who opened for Guns N' Roses during their recent New Zealand tour, told Metal Edge magazine Rose had finished up to four albums.

He didn't say whether one of the them was Chinese Democracy - the much-delayed new album from Guns N' Roses.

"The thing that nobody gets, that I get, is that he has like four albums done," Bach told the magazine.

"All you people who don't think he's gonna put out a record are sadly mistaken. He just takes his time. It's his album. Axl does what he wants to do, that's the way it is."

Bach said Axl planned to release a trilogy of records, with the third to be released by 2012.

When asked what the new songs sounded like, Bach said "the world's not prepared for what I've heard from this guy".

"It's got the grandness and epic-ness of November Rain but with the snarl, the attitude of Appetite (For Destruction.

"There's some great music coming your way."

Guns N' Roses' last album was 1993's The Spaghetti Incident. Rose brought a new-look line-up to New Zealand for two sold-out shows earlier this year.

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