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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

If you don't like my fire, then don't come around, cos I'm gonnna burn one down

This just in: dumbest comment ever from a reviewer that wasn’t Grant Smithies.

On reviewing Ben Harper’s new album Vicki Anderson notes “He's obviously talented but generally his music suffers from that "whole Jack Johnson round-the-campfire scenario" with every melody reminding me of the one before it that usually leaves me screaming "aargh bland bollocks".

I don’t really care what she thinks of the music but lets get the facts/opinions straight – Ben Harper does not suffer from the ‘Jack Johnson round-the-camp fire scenario’ – he bloody introduced Jack Johnson to the world via his producer and promotion of Jack via touring et al and even playing on Flake. Unlike Billy Joel, he actually started the er… fire.

Saying Ben suffers the JJ campfire scenario is like saying the Beatles have an Oasis Complex or that Radiohead have a Coldplay chip on their shoulder (I actually think Radiohead have a Radiohead chip on their shoulder but that’s an issue for Thom to work through with his therapist).

If you really want to get into it - Ben and Jack have vastly different playing styles when they play the acoustic guitar, further so when Ben gets up to his famous slide tricks. I would actually doubt if Jackson had actually ever turned an amp all the way up to eleven. He aint that kind of curious monkey.

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