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Saturday, 8 September 2007

The Blog Remains the Same

Here's an article that reckons Led Zeppelin are re uniting. Once the news spreads, Old Rockers everywhere suddenly will feel a little wetness down below. Old vinyl will be dusted off and spun up the stairway to heaven. Guitars that have sat in garages for years will be asked to provide the opening chords to Stairway but the strings will be rusted and out of tune. No Stairway? Denied.

Bald and thinning hair will not however be able to improved upon...


From the Independent

Six digits on the official website of Led Zeppelin was all it took yesterday to fuel fevered hopes that the longest-awaited and most-rumoured reunion in rock history is about to be announced.

The surviving members of the British band widely held to have redefined rock music - and how to indulge in its hedonistic excesses - are set to play their first full-scale concert in 27 years with a one-off appearance in November in southeast London.

The group's front man, Robert Plant, was reported to have confirmed the performance to an autograph hunter, while those involved with promoting the gig said full details would be announced within 10 days.

Fan websites were buzzing with speculation that the concert would be held on November 13 after the home page of LedZeppelin.com carried the American-style date 11.13.07 without further explanation. The date is a day after the release of Mothership, the band's latest greatest hits collection.

A source said: "It is going to happen. We are finalising the precise timing but basically the guys have agreed they want to do it. It will be a one-off."

It is thought the concert in the former Millennium Dome will be a charity event in memory of Ahmet Ertegun, the founder of Atlantic Records.

The London concert will be performed by Plant and the two other original band members, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones. The drums will be played by Jason Bonham, whose father, John, was Led Zeppelin's drummer until he died aged 32 by choking on his own vomit after a drinking binge in 1980 - an incident which prompted the band to break up

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