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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Rise of the The Silver Scroll.

The five finalists for NZ's pre-eminent songwriting award are:

Sean Donnelly (SJD) - Beautiful Haze
Ruban Nielson (The Mint Chicks) - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
Jason Kerrison, Bobby Kennedy, Matt Treacy & Clinton Harris (Opshop) - Maybe
Brooke Fraser - Albertine
Liam Finn - Second Chance

This year saw the implementation of a new judging process. Entries were whittled down by an "expert panel" to a shortlist of 20 songs (see the list here) before allowing all APRA members to select the final five. This opening-up of the selection process has meant that a few more "well-known" songs have made the cut as opposed to previous years where there were usually one or two lesser known songs and artists. None of the five finalists have previously won which makes it harder to predict. I'm placing me bet on The Mint Chicks - the Silver Scroll judges have always gone for a more progressive choice and The Mint Chicks seem to have that alternative edge going for them and the song's idisyncratic enough to stand out against the rest. Neil Finn didn't win his first Scroll until 2001 so it'd be pretty daring for them to give it to son Liam at such an early stage in his career, and I don't think Brooke Fraser's Albertine is strong enough (it's a admirable "message" song, but I would've gone for Deciphering Me, which was shortlisted, or Shadowfeet which are both arguable stronger in melody and songwriting hooks). Opshop's Maybe proves an interesting threat, the first kiwi song to top the iTunes NZ chart and a formidable radio airplay hit - it's a strong song, but is pretty lightweight when stacked up against some of their other material. The SJD song is lovely and immaculately constructed like most of his other material, but for some reason I don't see the judges going for this one.

The awards presentation is held on 18 September at Auckland's Town Hall. As usual it's who will be asked to cover each of the finalists' songs that is generating the most buzz...

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