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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Of rock and not rock

Rock music used to play a large part of what I used to listen and my former partner-in-crime can and should take all the credit for maintaining my interest in rock music far longer than it otherwise would have lasted.

However, the last couple years have seen guitars give way to keytars as electronic music has come to almost completely dominate my itunes. There's some Motown on there as well as some other stuff I'd rather not mention.

So as a nod to my former appreciation of rock music, I thought I'd share some tracks by artists I'm quite enjoying in my 'life after rock'.

In no particular order, I give you...

Alter Ego : Rocker

The Chemical Brothers : Block Rockin' Beats

Daft Punk : Robot Rock

Does It Offend You, Yeah! : We Are Rockstars

1 comment:

Jimmy Jangles said...

wow I aint herad block rockin beats in yonks !! nice trip. shame chem bros went downhill fast

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