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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

GNR Friday Gig Review: More Subjective than a poke in the eye

Gun's N Roses concert Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand
So GNR. What the fuck can I say but awesome show. Who gives a shit if Slash isn't in the band anymore? Not when you have Axl chomping out the verses and Robin Finck powering out the chords like a hillbilly on speed.

GNR's Set list was pretty standard for the tour, opening with Welcome to the Jungle. Well it was welcome to the Vector Arena with its shitty bass acoustics but whatever, Axl's growl and the rest of the band pretty much drowned out any real sound issues.

Appetite 4 Destruction songs followed which were pretty cool. Then it was onto Axl's Cover band covering a cover of 'Live and Let Die'. I always hate the reggae part in that song but thankfully they didn't go all Lee Scratch Perry on my ass so that was cool.

When Robin F strode out with a sunburst Les Paul I knew Sweet Child 'O Mine was coming and fuck it sounded pretty O for Oarsome. It would have knocked out David Tua for sure. The solo was note for note but live it doesn't quite kick out the jams (I suspect it would have with Slash's unique tone???)

But hey don't get me wrong it wasn't Robin Finck who missed a note in the first November Rain solo, it was that guy's name who know one knows...

Bumblefoot - interesting player - he like real 'technical' doing his eddie van halen finger tappin every where (right now). The Bee played a fretless guitar at one stage which I'd never heard of before. He was was quite the player actually.

Dizzy Reed played a solo piano effort. As he was playing it I knew it was naggingly familar but it wasn't until I saw the setlist and it was down as Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House that I knew.

At sum stage before or after Dizzy they knocked out You Could Be Mine which for me was the song of the show. The opening was fierce, it was fast and Axl was freaking on to it. Jezz Wayne I love that song. And Steinlager too. Actually tonight's post is bought to you by Steinlager beers (the impure kind) and the letter X marks the spot.

November Rain was pretty sweet with the usual Axl play around before hitting the notes proper. He appeared to look like he was enjoyng himself. The Coda is probably one of my fave GNR moments and it did not disappoint.

The New songs are really good. Despite what certain reviewers from the NZ Herald think, I was not indifferent, I knew them all thanks to limewire so when the odd start to Better began I was the dick yelling my head off. Madagascar is fairly well known and it's cool.

And I think this explains why Axl lets all the band do solos while he is off taking soeething for his voice or whatever. The guitarists play solos of varing quality. I suspect this is to show they are able muscians and are up to being in GNR. Wish I had scene Bumblefoot do Don't Cry on Sat for that very reason. If Robin Finck came up to me and said Jimmy Jangles, "I need your guitar" I would give it to him NQA because I know he would play it like a mutha fucking riot. It's what he's got. Trent should be pissed he let him go from NIN.

Axl's whistling on Patience was spot on. I couldn't help but wonder if that was trickery but he probably has done it 1000 times B4 so may be it's like a cake walk for him.

NEwAYS I could go on but I need to bitch about that Chris Shitz Review. Get in the RING MOTHER FUCKER. Where you even at the same gig?

He says Axls voice wasn't up to it? I say Chris' ears are deaf.

He said there were four new songs. I say there were five five. See deafness comment above.

Chrissy says "Yep, it was more of a celebration of the past rather than an attempt to craft any kind of future for Guns N' Roses." Um hell the fuck o did you not listen to the new songs. Jesus weeps that you get to give reviews like this.

He says the band had short comings. I say Chris has something that's short.

Rant over.

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