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Thursday, 19 April 2007

You Ninny

Robyn Fink placed guitar for NIN so its no surprise I bring you this bit of Trent Reznor media bollux.

Trent Reznor, one-man architect of industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails, isn't talking about his rabidly awaited ominous new album, Year Zero, out now. In a statement on a password-restricted website, he allows, "It's not just music."
That's a howler of an understatement to the hordes of fans caught up in the bewildering Year Zero alternate-reality game, or ARG, a labyrinth of cryptic websites littered with fragmented Orwellian rabbit holes and message boards humming with sleuths deciphering audio files, images, Morse code, static, phone calls and T-shirts.


I guess it means we can download NIN mp3s with immunity.. Take that Lars!

1 comment:

His Whoreness said...

Some of us have been downloading NIN mp3s with impunity since the full release of Year Zero leaked a couple months back

The video for Suvivalism looks very Hand That Feeds

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