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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

This is where you are

So like you'll note this The Spaghetti Incident? breathes once more. Well GNR is coming baby to Auckland, NZ baby and the Spaghetti Incident is joining the party!

I've invited a few of the more rock literate minded mates of mine to join the party with me so we'll see who turns up. If you wanna crash, drop me a line with your creds and we'll get you to play the intro to Sweet Child on the banjo. We'll video it and if it makes top million on youtube, you're in.

We'll prolly fuck with the template a bit more. It might take us about 15 years and 13 million bucks till where happy but for now you can have this BETA version.

OMG the in jokes are killing me. On with the party.


His Whoreness said...

I must be mad to have accepted - what will the neighbours think?

Jimmy Jangles said...

they will think you a scholar and a gentleman. now pass the gin.

richard said...

Hey if you haven't read Chuck Klosterman's Fargo Rock City already, it sounds like it'll be right up your alley...


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