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Monday, 28 August 2006

Things we want to see in rock

Things we want to see in rock


Ø       Bill Joe / Green Day to unleash an epic solo. He's been threatening one for years. He's like a stripper always leaving you hot and heavy but that's it.

Ø       Dave Navarro to fuck of and die.

Ø       Chinese Democracy to be released. Before Axl needs a hip replacement.

Ø       A Mike Mills (from REM) solo album. We'll file it under the the alt/rock/folk/pop (category)

Ø       Supernova to burn out and fade away.

Ø       The Living End to make it big.

Ø       Someone smash up Lars Ulrich's drum kit. And tell him it was James.

Ø       Skid Row reform*.


*kidding, fool


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