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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Oasis' Greatest Hits Album Includes Unreleased Tracks

Oasis have revealed the tracklisting for their upcoming Greatest Hits album 'Stop The Clocks'.
The 18 track album will also feature two new unreleased songs, the title track 'Stop The Clocks' and another new tune 'Boy With The Blues', which was set to feature on the bands new studio album.

The full tracklisting, according to newspaper reports, is as follows:

1 Some Might Say
2 Don't Look Back In Anger
3 D'You Know What I Mean?
4 All Around The World
5 Go Let It Out
6 The Hindu Times
7 Lyla
8 The Importance Of Being Idle
9 Masterplan
10 Half The World Away
11 Acquiesce
12 Champagne Supernova
13 Rock 'n' Roll Star
14 Supersonic
15 Wonderwall
16 Whatever
17 Boy With The Blues
18 Stop The Clocks

Commenting on the album title track, Noel Gallagher said: "I have a song called Stop The Clocks, which at the moment is acoustic, but could be massive.
"I wrote it quite recently and I think it's the best song I've ever written. The few people that have heard it really like it."
I think it is quite simply the second best best of ever - after the Beatles '1' of course. I count seven number ones on teh british chart and several number twos. BUT 0  Where the fuck is Live Forever? - See below post. Should drop the new tracks and add "Roll With It"  and  L4E.

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