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Thursday, 15 June 2006

I get up around 7, get out of bed around 9

Ha! Its the reason for the season or this blog! Popbitch has kindly sent us this gem on Steven Adler - the man we owe for helping come up with the name of this blog. Depending on your point of view - he's either living the rock and roll dream or is a complete nightmare.
Proudly Stolen from Popbitch:

   Guns n' Roses hit the headlines last week for
   their delayed London gigs, onstage oxygen
   tanks and much partying. But their behaviour
   had nothing on former drummer Steven Adler's
   recent UK tour with his new band Adler's
   Appetite. He was supported by rocker
   Adam Bomb who claims:

   * Adler used to borrow Bomb's phone to call
   his mother, "screaming at her like a child"
   and accusing her of wanting him dead so she
   could get his money.

   * Hurt his wrist when he tried to inject cocaine
   into it but completely missed the vein.

   * Smoked crack at his gig at Camden Underworld,
   then offered a crew member 200 pounds to
   beat up the dealer to get more.

   * Drank two bottles of Jagermeister every day.

   * Got thrown out of a 24 hour Tesco superstore
   at 3am for refusing to wear shoes.


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