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Monday, 8 May 2006

So some thoughts on rock:

So some thoughts on rock:

Ø       Listened to the new Pearl Jam album. I know Eddie Vedder has a big bee in his bonnet 'bout bad bitchin' Bush but Ed is the the only man in rock you can trust. PJ has delivered big time with this set.

Ø       RHCP – Stadium Arcadium – John Frusciante is truly, one of rocks modern greats guitarists. Check the video to Dani California. It's an instant classic.

Ø       Like the cowboys, where have all the shredders gone?

Ø       Supernova  Gilby Clarke? He is not ex GNR – he was a fill in guitarist for GNR and he was shite. This smacks of desperation. Fuck, I'm probably a better player (Are you sure? – Ed)

Ø       Steve Vai – can he clock Halo 2 as fast as he can shred??

Ø       Looking forward to the new Limpy Biscuit album? Neither is the universe.

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