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Thursday, 25 May 2006

What the fuck is up with Britain? Are they still shellshocked after the war? Fucking Gnarls Barkely is number 1 for the 7th time in a row.... I guess this the is the country that made Bob the Builder and Mr Blobby both number 1....

the remedy is simply simple ! Bring Back the Brit Pop!

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Would you Do Miss America ?

So like attention Oasis fans. I know ur still out there! All three of you...plus Ryan.
NE ways go check out Ryan Adam's cover of 'Wonderall' from, I think, the album 'Love is Hell Part 1'. As Our Kid might say "Its freaking mega". Then go listen to Adam's "Shallow" off his Rock "N" Roll.  Its soooo riffing the riff of 'Cigarettes and Alcohol'.... and 'Roll with it' (you gotta say what you say!) 
Heh imagine that - some one stealing Oasis lyrics and riffs, the band famously derided by cynics for their propensity to steal ideas from a famous back catalog currently owned by Wacko Jacko.

Monday, 8 May 2006

So some thoughts on rock:

So some thoughts on rock:

Ø       Listened to the new Pearl Jam album. I know Eddie Vedder has a big bee in his bonnet 'bout bad bitchin' Bush but Ed is the the only man in rock you can trust. PJ has delivered big time with this set.

Ø       RHCP – Stadium Arcadium – John Frusciante is truly, one of rocks modern greats guitarists. Check the video to Dani California. It's an instant classic.

Ø       Like the cowboys, where have all the shredders gone?

Ø       Supernova  Gilby Clarke? He is not ex GNR – he was a fill in guitarist for GNR and he was shite. This smacks of desperation. Fuck, I'm probably a better player (Are you sure? – Ed)

Ø       Steve Vai – can he clock Halo 2 as fast as he can shred??

Ø       Looking forward to the new Limpy Biscuit album? Neither is the universe.

Monday, 1 May 2006


What's the medical definition of a rabbit circumcision?

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