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Sunday, 30 April 2006

We are Deja Voodoo

So I wandered down town to the Wellington kick off of NZ music month - @ Town Hall - with Cherry's Blossoms, Deja Voodoo and Bleeders.

Turned up for last two songs of the Blossoms. They were pretty shite. Maybe they did not drink enough gin before the show. Either way, those chicks do not rock. The drumer was pretty good though, I'll give em that.

That set finished so Jay Bee et moi ventured outside thinking there would been an age till the next band - there wasn't and I turned up for the last song of Voodoo's set. Grrr! It was 'Beers' so at least it was amusing..... that'll teach me. And for the record, I had 6 in the fridge but I think Levi drank them.

Then the Bleeders. Nu Zillan's top punk band. I left after 5 songs, home for a beer. I think it went to my head but I'm going to have another to be sure. If there's any left...

Here's some pics.

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