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Thursday, 23 March 2006

Mummy, can I go out and kill tonight?

So like The Misfits! Chez Indigo bar with all the 'typical fucking bogans', goth wanna bees and cool people like me. Actually I wasn't wearing any black so I probably wasn't cool at all.


Standing just on the edge of the mosh pit, Charlie Chicken and I were perfectly positioned for the full frontal assault that was this version of the Misfits. In short they are a bunch of aging buggers showing the under thirty-somethings how it was done in the old days – and how Attitude counted for something back then and still does now.


Playing songs shorter than the life span of a fart, The Misfits ripped in to a stonking set list of songs that everyone kicked out to manic mosh pit style.

If The Ramone's had 'Hey Ho, Lets go!' as their catch cry (and I spotted that on the back of a black tee shirt mid concert), the Misfits is "Whooaahhaaww Whoooaahh!" I guess those in the know, know what I now know…


The Misfits played heaps of songs off the Walk Among Us album that Charlie lent moi so I knew about 6 - 7 songs – the crowd seemed to know the whole setlist and occasionally went nuts at what I thought were ave songs I didn't know  but  whatever! I was there mostly out of curiosity as GNR had covered 'Attitude' on the Spaghetti Incident – I got a great show and got my self a lesson in punk history.


The guitarist had make-up on to look all scary but to me he looked like Herman Munster. It was kinda comical but that's the whole Misfits vibe I think, they don't take themselves to seriously, (these days?). Fans might though.


I must confess to total ignorance that Die Die Die (covered and released as a single by Metallica) was their song. So was pretty impressed when they pulled that out during the encore. After the show ended the singer/bassit called Gerry? Stayed on stage and signed stuff for fans which I thought was pretty cool.


As we left the venue there were these goth punk wannabees and never-will-bees sitting on the footpath and they said to us , 'I cant be believe you guys paid to see them Misfits. You and them are fucking sell outs". I could hardly hear them a cause de I was deaf after the thrashin' aural assault  but so I responded with a Fuck you, you're cheap and listening to them on the side walk!" and walked off. Not particularly impressive retort and I don't think they understood me anyway.


On the way home I checked the shadows for Zombies eating brainsssss!


Asterix said...

You already put this one the other blog - are you running out of material?

Jimmy Jangles said...

nah i just thought that this had relevance here, GNR ref and all....

still havent decided on an approach for this site yet!

Asterix said...

I'm happy to be the foreign correspondent as I said a while back in one of the comments if you guys want?

Jimmy Jangles said...

oh hell yeah bro - i'll hook you up an invite!

uir officia duty will be reporting on teh concerts u attend aight?

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