"The Spaghetti Incident?"

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Sunday, 26 February 2006

Yo, just setting this thing up, beer with me.
At the release of the album, the band did not want, or in fact, were not allowed by a court's verdict to explain the title of the album. According to stories dating from the date of release, the album's title refers to an incident with Steven Adler, the original drummer in Guns N' Roses, in which Adler could not find his heroin, which was given the nickname "spaghetti". According to legend, Adler flipped out and destroyed the band's apartment as he searched for his "spaghetti". In later years, the true meaning of the title became clear. Steven Adler has sued the band several times, either for royalties not paid to him for the tracks he played on, or for the royalties he had to miss since he was kicked out of the band. In a 1992 case, Adler tried to prove to the court how "mean" all band members had treated him, and he told the court about the "Spaghetti Incident": before a show the band had dinner together, and apperently one of the members had eaten Adlers' spaghetti. When Adler asked who had eaten his spaghetti, he was met with laughter. Part of the later verdict was that nothing of the verdict was to be disclosed, but part of this court decision was used in a 1997 court case again, showing the settlement with Adler (he received a total sum of US$1.5 million), showing the total profit the band had made in 7 years (more than 650 million dollars), and also showing that Axl Rose was the true owner of the bands' name.

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